Service agreement

By booking an appointment with Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting, you automatically agree to these terms.

updated May 25, 2018

Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting is not responsible for the following:

  • Actions of your pets when we are not present
  • Anything that occurs on your property at the hands of others, who are not representatives of Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting
  • Computing or telephone communication errors


Michelle takes care of your pets personally, her husband is her backup. She does not use contractors or employees. Michelle is your first point of contact. 1st – Michelle can be reached at 972-849-9046
2nd – Rick can be reached at 214-620-8009

It is your responsibility to:

  • Inform us of any past or present pet behavior that could result in an injury
  • Pay all costs in full, if we incur injuries while performing our duties (including slip and falls)
  • Keep your profile up-to-date
  • Pay for your pet sitting before you leave for your trip
  • If you will be unreachable via your cell phone during this trip, please send your other ways to reach you (cruise line, resort, Airbnb, and other information)
  • Provide emergency contact info
  • Check your email and reply to messages regarding your schedule and details
  • If you change your locks, please get those keys to us


We require 2 methods to enter your home to care for your pets. Real actual keys are our preference. Keypad door locks are becoming more common, but they only work if the battery is good. You agree to pay any locksmith services.

Key Return

If you need your keys or key fobs returned, we would be happy to do so in one of the following ways

  1. first class postal mail in a small padded envelope (no cost to you)
  2. make an appointment to collect your keys from our home office (no cost to you)
  3. certified, signature requested postal mail (additional cost will apply)
  4. Michelle will deliver your keys to you personally (additional cost will apply)

Note: Michelle or Rick will never leave your keys unattended under a flower pot, doormat or BBQ grill, etc.

Our privacy policy can be read by following this link.