House keys

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Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting policy on your house keys

Above all, we are entrusted with the literal keys to your kingdom. We honor that trust you have given us by keeping your keys safe and securely identified in ways only we can decipher. When we are caring for your pets we require two ways to access your home.

We have this professional requirement for the following reasons.

  • we need an extra key should Michelle’s husband Rick need to step in to assist
  • keys become bent over time
  • some keys work better than others
  • some keys work your lock only in the winter, or only in the summer
  • an extra key results in uninterrupted care

House keys are vital to our services

You are seeking the services of a professional pet sitter. Therefore, we need your assistance to have the proper tools to achieve that goal.

How we keep your house keys safe

  • all keys are bar-coded with a unique code that only our software can read
  • your key tags will have your pets names listed
  • we provide the key tags for your house keys at no additional cost
  • when not in use, all client keys are securely stored in our safe

Where can you have house keys made?

Making key copies is easier than ever nowadays. Walmart and Lowe’s Home Improvement stores each have vending machines capable of making extra keys for a nominal fee.

Please make sure you verify the keys work before our meeting.

How can you get your keys back?

You may make an appointment to collect them from our office. We will not leave your house keys unattended under a flower pot or other similar situation.

What about door key pads?

Garage door keypads are not reliable and will not operate your garage door in the case of a power outage or other mechanical failure. Keypads on front door locks are becoming more common. We are okay with using them, as long as you are 100% confident the battery is fully charged and will work every time.

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