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cat sitting

Cat sitting by Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting offers kind and compassionate services to certain sections of Frisco, Texas residents. Michelle cares for cats of all ages when you travel. Because vacations, business travel and family emergencies take you away from your home, she’s here to step in.

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Your cats want to stay in their own home and sleep in their own spots, since you know your cats don’t want to go with you. They might say they want to go, but they really don’t!

  • your data is secure and your pets are on schedule since we use modern computer and smartphone app based software
  • we are a member of Pet Sitters International, a trade organization promoting the benefits of working with professionals instead of hobbyists

How does cat sitting work?

Michelle comes to your home to care for your cats when you travel. First of all, once or twice a day visits keep your cats happy and well-cared for. Cats have a hold of Michelle’s heart. She loves how they make her work for their attention! Michelle is your primary cat sitter, and her husband Rick is her backup.

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Love and concern

I always feel comfortable when Michelle is watching our pets. She does her job thoroughly , and with love and concern for our pets well being!

Tammy Stahl


Tammy Stahl

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Cat sitting myths

Seems like you’ve heard that all cats hide unless their parents are around. It’s a myth that cats always hide when cat sitters come to visit. Surprisingly enough, most cats will come out if given enough time to understand our intentions.

Especially relevant benefits to hiring us as your next cat sitting service

  • your cats won’t get car sick on the ride to the kennel
  • they get to eat their own food and treats
  • fresh water and litter box care
  • watering your potted plants is always a good thing
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Highly recommended

We have used Michelle’s services for several years to watch our 2 dogs Merrill and LG. She is professional, reliable and genuine. She takes care of your pets as if they were her own. We highly recommend using Michelle for your pet sitting needs!

Rick Anderson


Rick Anderson

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What about cat sitting every other day?

Ultimately she does not offer such basic care like skipping a day or two. Leaving your cats alone for long periods of time can be detrimental to their health and emotional well-being. Because the adage about cats “having 9 lives” is a saying for a reason. Cats get bored easily. Bored cats who are alone for long periods of time, often get into trouble.

Since we all know cats get into trouble, cats under Michelle’s care have found themselves trapped and unable to get to their food, water and most noteworthy – their litter box. They’ve gotten stuck behind a refrigerator and a bathroom door. Cats have also became ill when their owners were out-of-town and required emergency veterinary care.

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, you can miss important cues that your cats may be ill. When you add the excitement or nervousness of going on vacation or family emergency, the risk is even higher.

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Trustworthy and reliable

Michelle and the services from Little Sweethearts are wonderful! Michelle is trustworthy, reliable, and cares very much for the well-being of pets. We are very thankful that we found her, and it truly gives us a piece of mind to know that she is watching over our pet as well as our home when we need her. We strongly recommend her! Thank you Michelle!!

Brenda Rausch


Brenda Rausch

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thank you for visiting Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting

VERY comforting❤️

Search no more! MIchelle is wonderful! She has animal powers! Seriously! We left our ‘only son’ a sweet cat and he posed for pictures and sat on her lap while we were gone! He does not pose for pictures and laps are occasional. She sends you a sweet note and a picture every day. She also spends TIME with your loved one. VERY comforting❤️. She loves animals and it is apparent! She’s the ONE!! It may sound corny but it means a lot when someone feels the same love for your pet that you do! Yay Michelle! Thank you so much! Scot, Lori and the Roc. He can’t wait to see you again.

Lori Wisner


Lori Wisner

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Our Service Area

We are currently accepting once-a-day cat homes who are okay with a flexible schedule. We serve cat lovers in all of zip code 75035.
For quick reference, some of the neighborhoods in this zip code are:

Preston Vineyards
Plantation Resort
Villages at Willow Bay
Villages of Stonelake Estates

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We can enjoy our family time away

Michelle takes wonderful care of our sweet Corgi girl, Kumi. I never worry about Leaving her and know that she is very well cared for. Kumi enjoys lots of love and long walks with Michelle. Little Sweethearts pet sitting is a true blessing for our family, we know we can count on an amazing experience for our fur baby- and enjoy our family time away. Michelle does a great job checking in and provides photo’s of your pet! Michelle takes the time to get to know your family and pet notes every important detail, I highly recommend Little Sweethearts pet sitting!

Mandy Shryock


Mandy Shryock

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Current Pricing

Our current rate for once-a-day cat care in your own Frisco home is twenty five dollars to thirty dollars. The rate depends on how many pets and plants you have.

Holiday prices

We charge an extra ten to twenty dollars on various holidays throughout the year.

Payments for all reservations

Payment is due in full prior to your departure. You will be emailed a request for payment. Credit cards are accepted, but personal checks left on your kitchen counter is our preferred payment method. Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting does not charge cancellation fees. However, if your trip is tentative or may fall through – please tell us at the time of booking. Credits for unused visits are offered at our discretion.

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