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Michelle Bollinger is an experienced cat sitter with a lot of love for your four-legged & feathered friends.


Your home and keys are secure with Michelle Bollinger, a pet sitter with over 9 years of experience.

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Michelle and Rick Bollinger are your private pet sitters and keep in daily contact when you are away.


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Choosing a cat sitting professional is not an easy task

In today's world, it pays to know who to trust. My guess is you just moved to Frisco, Texas. Welcome to our little town. Ha! I know it's not little, but it sometimes feels that way. Texas rolled out the welcome wagon years ago, and people sure have responded. We are glad to have you.

Who is Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting?

Who am I? I'm Michelle Bollinger. My last name is pronounced bow-lynn-jher. Not that I mind how you pronounce my name, but some people like to get it right. I am at least a 3rd generation Texan and cannot imagine living anywhere else. 

You can just hear my Texas twang, can't you? LOL.​

Texas is like no other. We love our dogs, we surely do. Dogs are super popular to have here. Why? Because of the lack of snow and decent sized back yards with fences. I love dogs myself, in fact I have always lived with dogs. I love our dog and his name is Jake.

Because of Texan's love affair with dogs, some pet sitters just don't have the experience to care for our feline friends. Pet sitters don't have much exposure to cats, rabbits and birds. Just because some (weird) people would rather have dogs.

That's where me and my family comes in.

Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting is a family affair

I spent over 8 years caring for all creatures big and small. All species too. I came to realize last Spring that I just didn't have it in me to keep caring for dogs anymore. My client's dogs that is. So I quit. I decided to focus on cats and other small pets.

A Focus on Cats and Other Small Pets

I enjoy the company of cats. I like how they do what they want. They are like a teenager, forever. But at least they don't talk back and don't have to send them to college. You see, it took a few years for me to get the hang of cat sitting. It wasn't until a few close calls with their "nine lives" that I realized how unique they really are.

Cats get bored easily. Bored cats explore their home. It's theirs by the way... so that need to explore makes for a few ​interesting situations. A cat wanted to see what was behind the fridge, but couldn't get back up. A cat wanted to see what was behind the bathroom door, and promptly closed it behind them.

Because of this, I care for cats each day you are gone. I don't skip days. ​You're not the kind of person to cut corners, and neither am I. 

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