Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting in Frisco, Texas. A dog boarding alternative.

Of course you wouldn't trust just anyone with your fur-kids. Come on in and let me tell you about our family.

Welcome, pet lovers! We are a family business that helps you travel and still have your beloved pets tucked safely away in your home. We are a very small company, but we have a lot of love to give. Will you choose us? Please take a look around and contact us  when you are ready.

What is pet sitting?​

In a nutshell, Michelle cares for your pets when you are out-of-town. Either for pleasure or business trips, you can depend on Michelle to do all the wonderful things you do for your pets. Michelle just does it in chunks of time, spread throughout the day and evening.

Who is "we"?

Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting is owned by Michelle and Rick Bollinger. We've been in Frisco since 2003 and opened our business in 2006. Yep, that's right. We're celebrating 10 years of faithful service to Frisco pet-lovers. 

If you live inside Frisco, Texas - keep on readin'.​

What can Michelle do for my family?

You see, Michelle drives to your home at the appointed time to care for your pets. Having Michelle come to your home removes all the hassles of traveling (well, at least some of the hassles).

  • No dog hair all over your car
  • Never having to worry when the kennel is open or closed

What are the best things about pet sitters?

  • Your fur-babies get 1 on 1 love and care
  • Since it's just Michelle and her husband Rick, there's no confusion about who did what and when
  • Many dogs are picky eaters. It's hard for picky eaters to eat when Mom and Dad are gone. Michelle works hard to get everyone eating something nutritious. 
  • No more annoying your friends and neighbors

Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting

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Cat Sitting in Your Home

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Don't just take our word for it

The next section contains a word-for-word reprint of a review you can find on Yelp. We are proud of our work, and want to show it off.

Best pet sitters EVER!

Anna Z. -

Best pet sitters EVER! Until Little Sweethearts, came along, I had given up on going anywhere do to unsatisfactory experiences with other pet sitters. I quite literally stopped going on trips. We love our older/special needs dogs-- both our own dogs and foster-dogs for a dog rescue. But it was always very hard for my husband and I to get away for a few days because the pet sitting experience, even the higher rated ones, we experienced here in the North Dallas suburbs were sub-par.

A year ago, our oldest dog, who had health problems her whole life (but LOVED life) passed away. Once that happened, my husband and I decided we had to try and get away a little more. Since our remaining dogs were younger (but still seniors) we felt like we had a good window to do some traveling before they get too old for us to leave for fear anything will happen to them while we're gone. So I started looking into pet sitters again I am so grateful this time I found Little Sweethearts. We couldn't ask for better sitters.

LSPS's owner Michelle Bollinger is very thorough in getting to know your pets. She gets to know them individually in your home while you are present. When she came to meet our dogs, she spent time with each of them and asked questions about everything that she could possibly need to know with regard to what keeps them happy and healthy. She really loves animals. I know people say this a lot about pet sitters, but with some people the love is more genuine than others, and believe me, Michelle and her crew are the real deal.

We received updates every single day we were gone and if you are anything like we are, that makes all the difference in the world. Michelle's sitter Nicole, whom all of our dogs fell in love with, texted us a photo or two every day, or short video clip of our kids eating and hanging out, along with a message about how they were doing and what they had been up to. Nicole spent time with them out on the patio when the weather was nice, getting some sunshine and fresh air, and moving around. I can't emphasize enough how much better you feel if you have older pets or pets with health issues to see pictures of them doing just fine while you are away and trying to relax.

When we came home, they were happy and healthy and everything looked good. Our kids loved their routine while they were being pet-sat. When we came home they were absolutely happy and thriving. They had eaten well and their water bowls were fresh. I can't bring myself to say that they probably didn't miss us at all, but I can say that they didn't miss a beat with Nicole and Michelle looking after them!

I'm so glad I can look forward to getting away now instead of staying behind, (or worse, going and worrying the whole time because a pet sitter takes three days to reply to a call or text on a four day trip). Pet sitting services I used before talked a really good game when we met for their interview, but boy, once they had their payment and we were out of town, it was like we were at their mercy. They were hard if not impossible to reach when I needed to touch base (during totally _normal_ hours) -that's nerve-wracking when you have a special needs pet (it will ruin your vacation), or they didn't change the water bowl, they just dumped fresh water into grody old water- which, sadly, says a LOT more about their compassion and work ethic than any pre-contract lip-service they could come up with. It didn't seem like anyone else in town would look after my animals with the love that they deserved.

I wish it hadn't taken us so long to find Little Sweethearts, but they're the answer to our prayers. Now we can love the heck out of our dogs _and_ have time for ourselves finally. Thanks!

Looking to learn a little?

Michelle writes blog posts on a semi-regular basis. Check out the posts below to learn about pets and the industry that serves them.

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