Dog and Puppy Sitting

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Dog sitter and puppy care in your Frisco, Texas home

Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting cares for all sorts of pets as a dog sitter. We drive to your Frisco, Texas home to care for your dogs and puppies when you travel out-of-town.

From big dogs to little dogs, Michelle has experience with most breeds. Many people choose a dog sitter as an alternative to dog boarding because they want their pets at home – in their own home. For information about our pet sitting rates, please click on this link. 

Picky eaters or special diets

Michelle knows very well what it’s like to have a picky pet. Some dogs have a hard time eating on a good day. Michelle has the experience and compassion to help your dogs work up an appetite. Sometimes raiding your fridge to find a little gourmet cheese or a scrambled egg does the trick!

dog sitter frisco texas

How long do we spend with your pets?

Each visit lasts about 30 minutes.

Dog and puppy sitting is a benefit to your family in many ways.

  • we make frequent visits throughout the day and evening, so you do not have to rush home when your trip is over
  • since we come to you, there is no need to get your car all stinky and dog-hairy
  • if your flight is delayed, just text Michelle and she will keep caring for your pets until you return
  • no need to hold the mail or stop Amazon deliveries
  • Michelle knows how to care for your potted plants too!

How many visits do we offer each day as a dog sitter?

We offer 3 or 4 visits each day for dog and puppy families in Frisco, Texas. Please speak with Michelle to better determine your our families needs. We apologize, regrettably we do not offer only 2 visits each day for dog families. 

Dog Sitter and Puppy Pet Sitting Time Slots

  • morning 7 am to 9 am
  • mid-day 11 am to 1 pm
  • late afternoon 3 pm to 5 pm
  • evening 9 pm to 11 pm

There’s lots more. Scroll on up to see the list of our other pages in the menu bar up above. Please let Michelle know what questions you may have.