Cat Sitter Services

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Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting offers cat sitter services to cats of all ages when you travel. Vacations, business travel and family emergencies take you away from your home. Your cats don’t want to go with you!

What is a cat sitter?

Michelle and Rick Bollinger are a husband/wife cat sitter team who come to your home to care for your cats and kittens when you travel. Once or twice a day visits keep your cats happy and well-cared for.

Little Sweethearts Pet Sitting is liability insured by Pet Sitter Associates, L.L.C. 

Cats are a special joy to care for. Michelle loves how they make her work for their attention! Michelle is a low-key pet person, so this is a good thing when caring for cats.

It’s a myth that cats always hide when cat sitters come to visit. As a matter of fact, most cats will come out if given enough time to understand our intentions. To get information about our pet sitting rates, please follow this link.

The benefits to hiring us as your next cat sitters are:

  • your cats won’t get car sick
  • they get to eat their own food and treats
  • twice daily visits are good for cats who eat wet food
  • once a day cats are great for dry food eaters
  • fresh water and litter box care
  • no annoying your friends and neighbors

Each visit last about half an hour or longer. The rare aggressive cat will receive a shorter visit most likely.

Cat sitter services are offered in the following time slots

One a day care

  • 9 am to 5 pm

Twice a day care 

  • 9 am to 11 am
  • 7 pm to 9 pm

What about every other day care?

Ultimately we do not offer such basic care like skipping a day or two when we are your cat sitter. The adage about cats “having 9 lives” is a saying for a reason. Cats get bored easily. Bored cats who are alone for long periods of time, might just get into trouble.

Cats under Michelle’s care have found themselves trapped behind a refrigerator and a bathroom door. Cats have also became ill when their owners where out-of-town and required emergency veterinary care.

There’s lots more. Scroll on up to see the list of our other pages in the menu bar up above. Please let Michelle know what questions you may have.